As one of the most innovative companies in the ventilation industry, Swegon faced a challenge with their next generation of air handling units. Over the years, more and more features had been added making it increasingly complicated and difficult to handle. It was time to put the operator back in control!

Energy and environmental consciousness requires indoor climate regulation systems to adapt to new demands. Functionalities and features must evolve to maintain and improve air quality, increasing-energy efficiency, and lowering cost as well as the overall environmental footprint of a building. Above all, all the functions need to be easily accessible and easy to understand. Important features were hardly being used – if used at all. Swegon contacted Veryday to understand how to design a new user interface to their next generation of air handling solutions that would exceed these increasing demands. We mapped out a journey that would take Swegon to a leading market position.

A new system was needed that allows all types of users to take full advantage of Swegon’s very competent air handling systems features. We applied our People³ research and user experience talent in user studies and a series of interactive prototypes, and tested our ideas in an iterative process in close collaboration with Swegon and groups of users. Our People Insightsapproach helped us to focus the interaction design around usability, intuitiveness and better guidance through the installation, set-up and maintenance processes.

The result is a groundbreaking hand held remote control with a large touch screen user interface. In a dashboard mode, users can overview relevant information at a glance. The new interface also prioritizes the most important functions concerning air quality, energy efficiency and system status. The handheld remote was designed to enhance the handling and deliver a unique overall brand experience. The device is robust, intuitive and accessible to use. It is configured for ideal performance and can be easily detached and used while moving around the air handling unit. The project was selected as the Best in Category Optimizing, at the IxDA 2014 Interaction Awards.