Creating solutions that enhance people's lives

In today’s world, customers expect to manage their lives quickly, expertly and directly from the palm of their hand. As a leading Telco brand in the Nordic region, TeliaSonera is committed to its reputation as one of the area’s most consumer-centric telecom and mobile network operators.

TeliaSonera engaged Veryday’s customer experience team in the Initiation phase of an extensive transformation program to help map customer requirements from the outside in, in order to create more relevant and valuable offers and meet customer’s future expectations.

Mapping current behaviours and future mindset

We applied our unique and solid research methods and user experience talent to the brand’s transformation program, by bringing real customer insights we researched the way people relate to service upgrades and changes.

Our highly collaborative approach engaged key internal stakeholders throughout the development process. By listening, engaging and providing transformation tools, our design team encouraged stakeholders to contribute their personal experiences and ideas to the end product. This process helped overcome product-centered silos, defined and communicated the transformation program’s purpose and, ultimately, paved the way towards catering to customers’ actual needs as part of a long-term strategy to become a customer centric company.

Connecting the dots across an entire customer experience journey provides organizational glue and helps choreograph better outcomes. By making user stories visible and accessible to anyone in an organization, the stories come alive and have the potential to influence how internal stakeholders make decisions in their field of responsibility.

Stefan Moritz, Director Service Design Veryday

In interactions with consumers, through experience prototyping and through speed dating, we learned about the customers functional and emotional needs, dreams, aspirations and views of the future.

Through further consumer interactions, together with the client, we gained deep insights into what people may expect five years from now. This iterated our initial hypothesis of the future and validated our vision of what the company’s role in lifetime value growth could be going forward.

I have worked with many researchers over the years, but Veryday really made an impression with their highly professional and solid research process. As clients we always felt we were in good hands and it feels incredible knowing that we built a future based on true customer material. A real pleasure working with you!

Johanna Sahlman, Customer Experience Design Manager Telia Sonera