Color palette for future product ranges

Thule approached Veryday with a request to build a color palette for 2014 that will be used on soft products across three product assortments, all with different target group focus. The resulting color combinations ensure recognition across product ranges through strong ties to the core Thule brand.

Thoughtful color, material and surface design helps to keep products relevant. When it comes to understanding which colors to choose and how to apply color and why, design expertise and direction play an important role. We have been lucky to work with Thule on various design projects across product categories, from soft products to transport accessories. During these collaborations the project team at Veryday have gained a strong awareness of Thule’s brand as well as a deep knowledge about their entire product portfolio. In the color palette creation we used this knowledge to define color combinations that present a clear Thule brand expression.

To identify color trends relevant for a specific industry we have developed several methods for mapping colors based on trend palettes from subscription services, blogs, magazines, and paint suppliers. Using in-house competencies gained through our diverse client base, we map and cluster colors to see trend patterns across industries. This cross-industry reference map serves as a critical tool for identifying opportunity areas for differentiation and innovation. In creating the Thule color palette, we gathered and analyzed trends from industries as far-reaching as fashion, sports, interior decoration, and wearable consumer electronics.

Alongside our trend research, we seek a clear picture of the various contexts in which the end products will be displayed and used, as well as the ultimate customer experience. In order to deliver long-lasting value, we design colors based on the complete lifecycle of the product. From strong initial impression in competitive environments on store shelves or online, to fitting in with the everyday surroundings in the home or on the vehicle, we plan for color across contexts and applications. For products that last, we choose colors that will stand the test of time. In many cases, as a compliment to focusing on what is ‘hot’ right now, we base decisions on how colors will be perceived many years after launch. For Thule we took a lifetime perspective on products that frequently last 10 years or more. Therefore, the final color palette includes a range of brand appropriate color combinations, trend colors and classic hues that will be relevant for many years to come.