Unit Portables

Good design is in the details

Choosing between what’s practical and what’s pretty is never easy – especially when it comes to functional accessories like bags. According to Veryday, you should never have to make that compromise. Our designers have been working closely with the Stockholm-based bag company, Unit Portables, who’ve built their brand around the age-old challenge of combining the sensible and the stylish.

Unit Portables creates its designs around a unique module system that gives each bag a unit number rather than a name. The system allows users to be endlessly creative in customizing Unit Portables bags for their own particular needs. This modular style is the basis of the brand, but the company needed help refining their products to ensure maximum quality and durability.

Veryday’s task was to take the Unit Portables vision and turn it up a notch. We collected comments from current Unit Portables owners and also did our own testing to identify the key details that may make or break a positive product experience. Our goal was to perfect current products and identify where new ones were needed.

More comfortable handles, better padding for electronics pouches, waterproof outer fabrics, and soft woolen linings were some of the aspects we added to the line as a whole. We also designed several entirely new bags for the updated line, which launched on November 3rd.

Together with Unit Portables, we designed bags that encompass both function and style. Using simple, minimalistic design language and high quality materials, we maintained complete practicality while at the same time creating a whole new look. Thanks to the specially integrated straps and poppers which make the modular system possible, smaller units can easily snap onto larger units like messenger bags and backpacks. This makes it easy to carry around everything you may possibly need – all in a well-organized manner. Our people-centered design approach has made it possible to create bags that are specially tailored to a modern lifestyle, where our valuable gadgets need to be close to us at all times.