William Demant

Strategy and product design of hearing instruments

Veryday is collaborating with William Demant in defining a multi-brand design approach for future product development. We will also design a range of hearing instruments using the results of this approach.

By using different collaborative methods the projects is a close partnership between the multi-disciplinary team from Veryday and the William Demant team.

All our design work is based on deep user insight. We use a holistic approach based on our People³ framework. We started off this project, by meeting with hearing care professionals to find out how they look upon the range of hearing instruments available in the market today.

Working with Veryday is an enjoyable business relationship. The consultants are professional, engaged and bring forward new thinking within deadlines. They often over-deliver on expectations simply because they want to do the best work possible. They are highly recommended design partners who are good to work with.

Tim Larcombe, Innovation & Portfolio Management, Oticon