Winsor & Newton

The next generation marker

High-end art supplies company Winsor & Newton have crated groundbreaking new Pigment Marker pens, the first on the market guaranteed to be lightfast for at least 100 years. The ergonomic yet elegant form, combined with pigments that won’t fade over time, allows artists to use markers to create lasting works.

Winsor & Newton’s in-house team worked on pigment technology while Veryday focused on the pen’s design, with the mission to create “a next-generation pen aimed at professional designers and artists.” Through research and idea generation, we set out to understand the different parameters and considerations for the design of a new market-leading pen.

The pen had to appeal to a very aesthetically aware person who would use it as a professional tool, perhaps holding it for long periods of time. Therefore, we had to look at how to make it both ergonomically sound and visually appealing.

David Crafoord, Director of Industrial Design, Veryday

Our work began by interviewing professional product designers, architects, fashion designers, illustrators and graphic designers, as well as design students and art shop assistants. With 80 professional designers in our company alone, we had a lot of test users and were able to try out numerous iterations. Designing for professionals places great demands on form; the pen needed to be easy to hold for several hours at a time and take into account how different people use their hands to grip the body.

Our design work focused on form factors, handling, intuitiveness and ergonomics. The pens feature a chisel tip for broad strokes, a fine tip for delicate lines and detail work, and an ergonomic barrel design. In the final product, the chiseled nib features a round grip section that allows users to easily change their grip, while the fine nib’s triangular section enhances precision. Our designers wanted a very elegant, minimalistic pen shape, but one that featured all the detailing and quality that its audience could appreciate.

Thanks to Winsor & Newton’s fine art pigment, the markers blend easily with a minimal amount of feathering or bleeding. A white pigment marker is included with among the 107 color range – for blending, creating pastels, softening shades and tones, and drawing on colored paper

We wanted to make the pen tapered and quite long to make it elegant. It was important to create an artistic feel and make a connection to the heritage of paintbrushes.

David Crafoord, Director of Industrial Design, Veryday