On the stage of Essen’s glamorous Aalto-Theater opera house in front of more than 1,200 design, business and political guests at the ceremonial Red Dot gala, Veryday received the design world’s most prestigious award: Red Dot Design Team of the Year. For the first time ever the esteemed title, which is awarded purely on merit at the discretion of Red Dot experts, goes to a Swedish company.

The Red Dot Design Team of the Year is an honorary title that is not attached to a competition. It reflects a corporate strategy “by which innovative quality products sustainably influence business success.” Veryday is the first Swedish company to receive the sought-after destination, and now joins the ranks of previous winners that in recent years include Adidas, Apple, BMW, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Porsche and other renowned companies. The Veryday design team received the award because of its consistently strong design achievements over many years.

Throughout its history, the company has continuously contributed design classics such as the BabyBjörn baby carrier, the world’s first computer with a separate keyboard, the renowned SAS coffee pot and the Koenigsegg sports car. During the awards ceremony, Prof. Dr. Mugendi K. M’Rithaa, Professor of Industrial Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), and President-Elect of the global design organization Icsid, spoke of Veryday as a firm that has had as its focus and foundation a people-driven design philosophy since 1969.

The poly-disciplinary Veryday team comprises of passionate, creative and innovative professionals of the highest calibre. But what makes this design-driven team's collective efforts so worthy of commendation is their humanity and empathy towards people. For at its very core, Veryday is about people everywhere, and in every sphere of life.

Mr. Mugendi K. M’Rithaa, Professor at Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Red Dot Award: Design Team of the Year 2014 4
We are really proud and happy for this prize. It is definitely a confirmation that we have been doing the right things and consequently applying our people-driven design philosophy to our products, service and digital design projects. The long-term, high quality of our design and the curiosity, spirit and passion for what we do has placed Veryday at the forefront.

Krister Torssell, CEO, Veryday

The 2014 Red Dot Design Team of the Year team was presented its “Radius” trophy by Yao Yingjia, chief designer at Lenovo – last year’s winner of the prestigious title. After the awards ceremony, the Red Dot Design Museum opened its doors for the legendary Designers’ Night and the inauguration of “People Driven,” a special exhibition of the winning team’s innovative design that will open to the public from July 7th through August 3rd.

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