The challenge for the designers was to develop a simple yet effective solution that would improve health conditions, reduce time requirements and environmental impact, while also take into account that the stove needed to be available for even the poorest households, which meant to build it for less than $10.

Svensk Form has been organising design awards for many years and is open to all design disciplines. This year environmental considerations played a major role and this wood-burning stove, developed together with local users in Namibia for developing countries was awarded.

The jury motivation for the prize:
“A stove innovation which with an ingenious wood feeding system and high energy efficiency, can make it easier for people all over the world to cook food over an open fire. Major health benefits at a low production cost saves lives and the environment.”

Design S Award to EzyStove 3

It feels so great, especially when keeping in mind that the aim in this project wasn't to design the latest technology and the most shapely product, it was to design a product within the given parameters that focused on benefiting the real need of people in their actual lives; to improve their quality of life. Design is relevant in so many areas and this is our way of helping and contributing to a better world.

August Michael, Director of Design Engineering at Veryday.

EzyStove has also been awarded a Best of the Best Red Dot Award, IF Gold Award and IDEA Award. Learn more about the Design S here.