The publication of Veryday’s social innovation project for Singapore Government Better Life by Design was launched during the Singapore Design week 2017. The project, which aims to improve quality of life for people with disabilities, recently received an IF Design Award in the Service Design category.


Together with the DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), our design team embarked on an intriguing and rewarding journey to innovate and reimagine social services in the Southeast Asian country – ultimately improving quality of life for people with disabilities. By using an inclusive design approach, we’ve gained crucial insights of how people with disabilities live, work and interact with the society and how they experience current social services.

The research from the winning entry Better Life by Design: Designing for persons with disabilities has now been compiled into a publication. The book was launched during Singapore Design Week 2017 and covers ethnography, research, insights, global trends; and identifies opportunities for improving lives of people with disabilities.

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I enjoyed the highly collaborative and design-driven process of working closely with Veryday and our government agency partner, NCSS. The team at Veryday was consultative, sensitive and empathetic in terms of approach to the complex and sensitive topic at hand. This was a strong contributor to the level of deep insights yielded about the lives of people with disabilities, as well as the wide range of concepts generated. This is only the beginning and I hope that the Better Life by Design: Designing for People with Disabilities program by Dsg will be able to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Joanne Teh, Assistant Director, Asian Insights & Design Innovation at DesignSingapore Council