Brighter is a Swedish NASDAQ OMX listed company specializing in smart connected medical products that are simple to use and can make each day easier for those who live with chronic diseases.

Following complications with the design of their product, Brighter One, the company had to postpone production and find a new team of development partners. We are delighted that they approached Veryday and we hope that together we will be able to improve the quality of life for diabetics by simplifying the tools they need to treat their conditions.

The technology behind the Brighter One is patented in several markets – It is an integrated device that is easy to bring along and unites the functions needed when taking care of your diabetes on a daily basis. It enables you to measure your blood glucose value, make the correct dosage, inject insulin, tracks the actual injected dose and it automatically saves your data straight on the device and in the cloud.

The common goal of the cooperation between Brighter and Veryday is to improve the life of patients with a chronic condition. We have taken on the challenge of creating an intuitively superior system that makes the daily lives of diabetics easier while also streamlining and improving monitoring within the healthcare system. As experts in Connected Health this cooperation is right on the spot for us.

Marcus Heneen, Associate Design Director at Veryday

We think this is a great step forward towards more connected healthcare and better collaboration between patient and caregiver.Thanks to this, healthcare professionals can keep track of their patient’s data over time and be alerted if anything should seem amiss.

We are pleased to have found a strong partner in Veryday, who can help us develop solutions of the highest quality. In particular, Veryday has in-depth competence and experience in the area of user driven innovation processes by which the users' needs, drivers and reality are in focus. Veryday also holds specific expertise in user interface in the field of diabetes care devices.

Brighter's CEO Truls Sjöstedt