In January, 50 selected experts from all over the world, will come together for three days in Hannover to select the winners of the iF design awards 2014. Among these experts are Veryday’s design strategist and color, materials and trend forecasting specialist, Nicola Chamberlain.

Nicola has worked in this role for several global brands including Electrolux, Motorola, Sunbeam, 3M, Pepsi, Thermo Fisher, Bombardier and more. Nicola’s work focuses on using an understanding of changing design and cultural trends, materials, manufacturing knowledge and design thinking to create uniqie solutions for single products or complex portfolios, systems and brands.

To assess the entries being submitted to the iF competitions each year, internationally renowned experts from the fields of design, industry and education are being invited to the iF jury sessions.

More information about design awards 2014 are listed here