Veryday and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have entered into a strategic alliance through TCS’s Co-Innovation Network to build more powerful solutions for customer-centric business in the digital age. The partnership enables the creation of superior user experiences that will close the gap between a brand and its customers, leading to increased customer loyalty.

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is known for its leading ability to manage digital transformation, building cost-effective and efficient digital enterprises at scale. Adding Veryday’s People-Driven Innovation experience, we have now teamed up to create differentiated and seamless customer experiences that will unlock future growth potential for our clients.

The Solution Set – Customer-Driven Business Transformation

The primary focus of the collaboration is to build valuable solutions that will secure long-term growth for industries such as Digital Banking and Financial Services, Digital Health & Connected Solutions, Telecoms, Travel and Hospitality and more.

As an integrated solution set within TCS’s Business Process and Change Management consulting practice, Veryday offers Customer- and Experience-driven Service Design (Fabric™). We will combine major data-driven insights and social analytics with robust people-centred design methods to better understand real-life customer needs and desires. The collaboration will empower clients across different verticals to advance the user experience design practice and deliver better and more holistic thinking with regard to Customer Experience Management programmes.

Fabric™ consists of:

1. Customer Engagement Strategies (Customer Segmentation Definition, Brand & Product Portfolio Audits, Competitor Landscaping).

2. Customer Experience Insights and Opportunities (Customer Journey, Stakeholder and Business Opportunity Mapping across multiple channels and LOBs).

3. Product and Service Innovation (UX and Service Design Platforms, Agile UX Design, Prototyping and Rapid Validation).

4. Service Design Academy – Team capability training in Service Design, Co-Creation and UX Design methodology.

About TCS and the Co-Innovation Network (COIN)™

TCS is a global leader in multinational information technology services, business solutions and consulting. TCS’s Co-Innovation Network (COIN™) is a rich and diverse network that provides value to its customers within the entire technology landscape. As opposed to the rigid engagement models of the past, COIN™ uses IP management and partnering strategies to drive innovation in an environment of open communities and solution brokers. Solutions also involve technologies wrapped in process bundles and new software investments based on subscription rather than ownership.

COIN™ is led by TCS Innovation Labs and includes academic institutions, start-ups, venture funds, strategic alliance partners, multilateral organisations and key clients. This helps COIN™ bring forth true synergies and provide an ecosystem-like perspective to innovation.


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"It is more important than ever for a brand to understand real customer behaviour across multiple channels in order to increase the attractiveness of its offerings. We can now build more relevant products and services by combining real-time, quantitative and deep qualitative customer insights"

Jakob Boije – President, Veryday Inc, USA