We’re really happy to be accepted as a design partner to the government of Hong Kong.  Over the past several years we’ve seen a strong trend in governments understanding the value of service design for improving both user experience and efficiency of services, and last year we substantially increased our engagements in designing governmental services.

Hong Kong is a strong service economy that has grown amazingly in the past decades; their citizens come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and speak multiple languages. HK government is improving citizen services in numerous areas and ambitiously aim to connect design and business – from an educational level to high level corporate processes.Our long legacy of people-driven innovation and proven co-creation and collaboration methods brings us unique opportunities to work among various cultures, situations and environments. This is a great opportunity and we are fortunate to be a part of this exciting process.

With its close proximity to Mainland China, Hong Kong has been quite affected by the recent slowdown in the Chinese economy. But at the same time we see the Hong Kong stock exchange functioning more strongly than Shanghai and an inflow of entrepreneurs in both financial services and the Internet of Things (IoT). With its high level of education and proximity to China (where prototypes can be made cheaply and quickly), Hong Kong is a great base for IoT innovation.

Timing for deploying design to create impact has never been better, thanks to the ‘glocal’ recognition of the importance of design as an integral part of our city, economy, culture and living.

Dr Edmund Lee, Executive Director, Hong Kong Design Centre

Being qualified as design partner for the Hong Kong government is a recognition of our work and a great opportunity for us. The HK government is ambitious in their development of services for their citizens, and face the increasing challenge of an ageing population and continuing the ambitious journey they started decades ago. We look forward to this exciting cooperation and expanding our presence in Asia.

Anna Bäck, COO, President, Veryday Asia