In January, 50 experts from all over the world will come together for three days in Hamburg to select the winners of the iF design awards 2015. Among these experts is Veryday’s Director of Industrial Design, David Crafoord.

To assess the entries being submitted to the iF competitions each year, internationally renowned experts from the fields of design, industry and education are being invited to the iF jury sessions.

David is one of the most award winning design consultants working today. He is probably best known as the designer behind the first Koenigsegg car, ranked by Forbes as one of the ten most beautiful cars ever made. He has also been a key designer in the development of 3M’s welding helmet Speedglas that received an iF gold award 2009. He has a strong commitment to people-driven innovation as a means to enhance quality of life.

The complete jury for the iF design awards 2015 are listed here.