Veryday has grown from its roots as a small local Swedish firm into an international consultancy in the truest sense. Not only are we present globally, but we also represent the world – with staff that hails from more than 30 different nations and cultures speaking over 26 different languages.

Throughout the years Veryday has developed a truly diverse team, a dynamic mix of people from far and wide working together side by side in multidisciplinary teams. We consciously strive for diversity since “multi” is the essence of a creative and successful design team: multicultural, multidisciplinary, gender balanced and age diverse. With different perspectives comes different ways of thinking, defining and approaching problems. The rationale is simply that; the greater the diversity, the greater the collective knowledge and expertise, and hence, the better the odds of creating greatness.

Not only is diversity a main ingredient of our business success, it’s also a statement we want to make, a major component of our core values. We’re all equal and our knowledge and expertise equally valuable, no matter our heritage, gender or age. We place pride in our work culture and actively look for people that hold a mindset that complements us in interesting ways. We also put great emphasis on allowing people to prioritize family life, work/life balance, and nurturing other interests outside of work – as all contribute to the health, wellbeing and creativity of our teams. We’re happy to have a solid and committed team aligned with our company values, and an open culture that continues to drive our company forward.

Diversity in the workplace matters a lot to me, so I feel lucky to be working at Veryday. I think having people from diverse cultures around you definitely enriches your conversations and work by building an understanding about people that come from a different reality than yours. As a designer, this is a very important quality to have when you work on diverse, global projects and want to impact people's lives for the better.

Swar Raisinghani, Service Designer, Veryday

At Veryday we’ve seen that multidisciplinary and diverse teams are harder to lead and often end up in collaborations with higher friction. The benefit is clear, though. Diverse teams create better solutions, unexpected ideas with a larger spread, basically because they bring a great variety of knowledge and experience to the design work.

Daniel Höglund, Chief Design Officer, Veryday