The easy-to-use smartphone from Doro, PhoneEasy 740 designed by Veryday, has been awarded again. This time with the Universal Design Awards Consumer Favorite. A consumer jury consisting of 100 people of different ages and professions have chosen seven entries as the Consumer favorites 2013.

The entries that made it into this year’s jury session were extensively tried and tested by the expert judges and the consumer jury during the MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week) this week in the exhibition open to the public in the Oskar von Miller Forum. It was their job to evaluate products in nine different categories – starting from a glide bike for kids and right on up to suicide-prevention products for sanitary facilities in institutions, architecture projects, a mobile home and construction vehicles. The consumer jury took a closer look at whether the products and services submitted would also appeal to potential customers.

The task of designing a smart phone that is easy to use for everyone, required research and in-depth studies on seniors’ needs and preferences when using a smart phone. Studies showed that among the growing group of seniors in Sweden, the majority were in favor of a smart phone and convinced that it could help in their daily lives. User studies confirmed the hypothesis that a phone that combined touchscreen and physical keypad would result in better accuracy and fewer errors. Extensive research about the users led to widely spaced keys for better grip as well as a clear and highly visible and easy to navigate interface. The screen type and size was chosen for its brilliant contrast and vibrant color management, in order to increase the readability and clarity.

All the award-winners will be on display in the universal design online exhibition on Universal Design award.

The design team at Veryday has truly listened to the needs of seniors and developed a user-friendly smartphone that is unique in its category. This smartphone enables more people to feel included in an increasingly digital society.

Jérome Arnaud, CEO at Doro