Last night the Grand Design jury agreed on nominating Veryday for the EzyStove project. EzyStove is now competing against the world´s lightest wheelchair from Pantera,
a portable syntezieser from Teenage Engineering and Hestra gloves.
With EzyStove, Veryday has shown in a revolutionary way and with a new business model, that design can be used as a successful tool to facilitate the everyday lives of vulnerable groups.

The official statement of the Grand Design jury

More than half of the world’s population cook their food over open fire. EzyStove was designed to accommodate the world’s poorest populations as a sustainable and safe alternative to open fire cooking. By requiring less wood and significantly decreasing the emissions of greenhouse gases, EzyStove saves both our environment and people’s health. Additionally, the project has a great potential to create new jobs and sales growth has been explosive since its launch in Kenya October 2012.

In less than four months, 37,000 stoves have been sold, and today there are hundreds of thousands of inquiries on stoves across Africa. The low price of 10 USD motivates even the poorest households to replace their open fire to a greener, healthier, safer and ultimately more economical stove.

The project is supported by the UN, as one of 10 selected projects within the UN climate change adaption program, announced at the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha November 2012. The idea now is to reinvest profits in future projects that can improve the quality of life of humans all over the world. The winner will be announced on May 16.

Watch the finalist video and vote for EzyStove before May 16.