Since 2006, Svensk Form has been organizing the Design S awards, one of Sweden’s most prestigious and renowned design competitions. We are delighted to announce that we are finalists in this year’s Design S with two entries in the category Industrial Design.

The Icare Ic100 Tonometer

Finnish medical company Icare has extensive experience in performing screening tests to detect and prevent glaucoma. Glaucoma can affect both children and senior citizens and the only effective treatment is to lower the patient’s intraocular pressure of the eye (IOP). IOP is therefore crucial to detect glaucoma at an early stage and to prevent blindness. Veryday’s design team has focused on shape, handling and intuitive use with a particular focus on the different physical positions that doctors may find themselves in, in relation to the patient during the checkup. The design and position of the display on the Icare ic100 Tonometer, has been of uttermost importance, and has been developed to facilitate a more comfortable work position for doctors. The Icare Ic100 Tonometer has earlier this year been awarded both an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Award.

Cederroth First Aid Kit

Cederroth’s innovative first aid products make it possible for both professionals and people with no previous training to administer first aid. Together with Cederroth, Veryday has developed the next generation mobile First Aid kit, suitable for workplaces. The First Aid kits are available in sizes S, M, L and XL. Among the new features developed by the Veryday design team, is an innovative adhesive bandage dispenser placed cleverly on the lid of the First Aid kit in size XL, created with a special blow molding method. The patented adhesive bandage dispenser on the Cederroth First Aid kit bag, enables the user to quickly access the adhesive bandages when needed. All of the First Aid kits have transparent pockets and compartments enabling the user to get a clear overview of the products as well as quickly and easily find products when needed. The Cederroth First Aid kits received one of the world’s most renowned design awards earlier this year, the Red Dot award. Cederroth is a part of Orkla Care AB since 2015.

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