We’re proud to collaborate with PSI Nepal and The Case for Her on menstrual health management (MHM) for teenage girls in Nepal.

Limited research exists on menstrual health and hygiene in Nepal, even though studies confirm that adolescent girls in the country lack consistent access to education on menstrual health. With inadequate education, they may not even have a basic understanding of the biological process, such as knowing that menstrual blood flows from the vagina. Poor sanitation facilities and scarcity of water exacerbate poor menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls, with only 28 percent of public schools in Nepal having separate toilet facilities for female students. In 2011, 38 percent of households did not have a toilet while in 2015 only 46 percent of the population had access to improved sanitation facilities.

Many girls experience fear, confusion and concern at the time of menarche. The situation is worsened by cultural attitudes that view menstruation as negative or shameful, leading to the exclusion of women and girls from aspects of social and cultural life.
Safe and effective menstrual health management is a critical component of, and premise for, the sexual and reproductive health of adolescent girls. We see young girls wanting to create change for themselves and their communities. The project aims to empower them with the information, tools and confidence necessary to manage their long-term sexual and reproductive health.

As PSI enters the second phase of the MHM project, we’ve been asked to step in and support a “learn by doing” set-up. Human centered design processes are central to the preliminary concept – and of increasing importance as the team moves from initial formative research to defining the problem, identifying opportunities and, later, forming solutions. Veryday has been holding workshops with the PSI team and providing support in the execution of co-creation sessions with representative end users in Nepal. We feel humbled to work together with the fantastic team at PSI Nepal to design with heart for better quality of life for girls and women in Nepal. Thanks to PSI and The Case for Her for this great opportunity.