We’ve continued our journey in Nepal engaging in a full day pro-bono cross-continental workshop, “Inclusivity in Nepal: a prototyping day”. The initiative was led by our Design VP Diana Africano Clark in Stockholm, and the whole team connected real-time with Katmandu, where our service designer Gaëlle Le Gélard traveled to lead our work with global nonprofit Population Services International (PSI).
For the occasion, we were humbled by the presence of the founders of the Swedish non-profit initiative The Case For Her: Cristina Ljungberg, Wendy Anderson and Gerda Larsson and by the participation of a few colleagues and friends from McKinsey Digital Labs and Lunar!
The focus was on exploring different solutions for Menstrual Health Management (MHM) based on real needs and perspectives of teenage girls in Nepal. Knowledge and awareness are important and one of the main challenges is how to educate people when taboos and misbeliefs around menstruation are deeply rooted in their society and families. Traditional beliefs are hard to shift, but the younger generation is eager to change in the name of health and gender equality.
We believe the power of design can help shape a more inclusive society. In this case, by supporting an amazing initiative for inclusivity and equality, focusing on health and education for women.
Inspired by Lisa Wang (Forbes, Jan 2018), we also want to build on the momentum of the #MeToo movement by taking action and contributing to the discussion around #MeTooWhatsNext. During the day, four teams of designers prototyped and developed opportunities around menstrual health and were able to discuss their ideas in real-time with the team on the ground in Nepal.
By the end of the day, a selection of ideas and rough prototypes covering topics from learning, play, family sharing and blood management had been presented and taken onboard by the Nepal team. A full day of creative energy resulted in innovative solutions that are firmly rooted in the needs of the people who will use them. We are incredibly excited to see what we can accomplish when we put our minds to some of our world’s most difficult challenges.
The ideas we prototyped and the rich conversations that were quickly triggered through this work demonstrate that inclusion and diversity can be a mindset guiding our daily actions. This catalyzing hands-on work, contributing to a taboo topic that is difficult to handle, but important to talk about, infused our Veryday team with new perspectives, energy, and trust — a great arena for fueling our continuous explorations of designing for inclusion!

Diana Africano Clark