Together with Microsoft, Veryday created an app for the new ABBA Museum in Stockholm. The app is a digital scrapbook that presents press clips of the successful journey made by the world-famous pop band.

Everyone has a connection to ABBA. The idea with the digital scrapbook is for the visitor to sit down, think back, and take part in a unique time-traveling document by flipping through press clips on Microsoft tablets.

Niklas Wolkert, Interaction Design Strategist at Veryday

The digital scrapbook, which is featured in the museum on Microsoft tablets as an interactive app, is based on press clips saved by ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus’ father Gunnar during the seventies and eighties. These press clips have been donated to the museum and transformed by our Interaction Designers to a digital story called “Gunnar’s Scrapbook”.

The ABBA Museum is described as an interactive journey through the history of the band in 35 stations that features the magic of ABBA. As a visitor, you can become a fifth member of the band in the form of a hologram, see what you look like in ABBA’s outstanding stage costumes, or listen to the band members sharing their own stories and personal memories. You can try out Veryday’s digital scrapbook in the 5000-square-meter museum building located on Djurgården in Stockholm.