Singapore Design Week’s Innovation by Design Conference is coming up, and this year Veryday teams with LUNAR and McKinsey to highlight Singapore’s attractiveness as a global design destination.

Organized by the government of Singapore, the conference brings together a collection of local and international design activities that are open to the design community, business organizations and the general public. The aim of the conference is to raise awareness about good design, and by taking part we hope to contribute to the appreciation and understanding of design innovation and encourage the use of design for innovation and productivity.

The Design Week will also include a launch event for the publication of Designing for Disability, a project Veryday completed in cooperation with the Design Singapore Council and the National Council of Social Services.


For those interested in learning more, the government of Singapore has created a manifesto called Design 2025, which aims to bring design thinking and cooperation into government agencies. The vision is to differentiate Singapore from global competition through design.