Veryday was invited to participate at Stanford Medicine X, the world’s premier patient-centered conference on emerging technology and medicine. The event brings together patients, health care professionals, pharmaceutical companies, scientists, entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, and researchers for real conversations about their work, experiences, and points of view.

With Connected Health as one of our main focus areas, it’s important for us to contribute to the latest emergent thinking in the health care space and share Veryday’s people-centered methodology with the rest of the community. At MedX, discussions ranged from how technology can advance the medical field in a practical sense to how it can empower patients and make them feel more connected and secure.

At the conference, a team from our New York office held a 90-minute, hands-on workshop in which participants created an Emotional Experience Map based on a reenactment of a follow-up visit with a primary care doctor. These Emotional Experience Maps captured the spectrum of emotions throughout each “patient visit,” with their highs and lows helping us better understand individual needs.

Our goal with this highly collaborative mapping method is to understand users’ emotions on a deeper level. Throughout our many years of working within the health care sector, we’ve realized that only when we come to this kind of understanding can we truly start to create user-centric solutions that transform health care.

MedX as a whole raised many interesting thoughts and perspectives. Is there a limit to the amount of transparency health care providers can offer their patients? The frustration that many individuals feel when searching for a diagnosis, coordinating care between various specialists or navigating the system often results in people resigning or taking a break from involvement in their own personal health and wellbeing. Can online and real-life communities re-engage people in their own health care? How can health care providers visualize data to make it more accessible and understandable?

A big thank you to Stanford and the MedX team for putting together such an inspiring and thought-provoking event.