We’re invited to be a part of Digital Health Days, a two-day conference that focuses on how advances in information technology can enhance future health and social care.

The conference takes place in Stockholm on September 23 and 24. DHD brings together life science experts from around the world – from hospital administrators to empowered patients, entrepreneurs and decision-makers – to actively work on determining the future of digital health. DHD is all about promoting an understanding of how individuals and society can benefit and setting the future healthcare agenda.

This year’s conference has three themes: Patient in Focus, Sustainability and Implementation. Veryday will run a patient autonomy workshop for the Patient in Focus track, asking ePatients and their communities to share examples of where the healthcare system may have failed to give them autonomy.

Participants in our workshop will build a picture of the current landscape of challenges and identify opportunities to design for stronger patient autonomy.

Meet us at Digital Health Days 1

A new diagnosis can have a devastating impact on patients and their families. The burden of self-care that comes along with new treatment is often overwhelming and unwelcome, and the way that patients cope with their condition impacts their adherence outcome.

Meet us at Digital Health Days 3

In the plenary session on Wednesday the 23rd, Laura Almenberg, Senior Design Strategist at Veryday and Anna Omstedt Lindgren, CEO of MedUniverse, will demonstrate the importance of engaging patients. During this speech, you’ll learn how greater patient involvement and closing the gap between healthcare professionals and patients drives better engagement, compliance and patient retention.

If you want to stay on top of the latest thinking in future health and get your business well positioned for the people-driven transformation of healthcare, be sure to register for Digital Health Days here.

For more information, contact Laura Almenberg, Senior Design Strategist at laura.almenberg@veryday.com.