Our mandarin speaking colleague, Anna Bäck is now moving east, starting up a Veryday office in Shanghai.  We had a chat with her ​​just before she left Sweden for new adventures in Asia.

Why a new office in Shanghai?

Anna: Veryday have quite a few clients in in East and South East Asia and we have done many projects for US and Europe based clients such as Pfizer, PepsiCo, Volvo CE, Gillette and IKEA. We experience a growing interest from our Asian clients to adapt their offerings to the European and US market and vice versa. In contrast to the increasing globalization, customers’ demands and fierce competition forces companies to adapt to local prerequisites. Our Shanghai office will be able to help our clients expand into new markets with offerings based on what local customers really need and desire, today and tomorrow.


What made you decide on moving to Asia?

Anna: The region and the different cultures fascinate me. I am born in Malaysia and have been travelling back and forth between Europe and Asia my whole life.  I started studying Mandarin and Chinese culture in the early 90’s and I lived in Beijing in the mid 00’s , working  as CEO for a digital consultancy. I am very excited to move back after five years in Sweden!

Being active in Asia is an investment for the future. It’s a great opportunity to follow the development up close

Anna bäck, COO Veryday.

Which are the growing markets?

Anna: There are of course a lot of differences throughout East and South East Asia. Looking at China I think food, the health care sector, service industry, environmental technology and mobile related services have a great growth potential in the near future.

Do you have any recommendations for companies entering the Asian market?

Anna: Being active in Asia is an investment for the future. It’s a great opportunity to follow the development up close, to better and faster understand where we’re heading. Development is unbelievable fast and they often leapfrog Europe and US in launching new generations of services and products.

So, which is your favorite restaurant in Shanghai?

Anna: If you are in Shanghai you shouldn’t miss Di Shui Dong 滴水洞饭店. Spicy Hunanese and Sichuanese. Their ribs are a must try!

Welcome to drop by the new office at No. 542 South Shaanxi Road (near Shaoxing Road).
Or contact Anna Bäck at anna.back@veryday.com or +86 150 2188 5106 .