We’re excited to welcome Edwin Li to Veryday Stockholm as a senior designer in the service sector. Edwin brings strong expertise in finding solutions based on user insights and conceptualizing digital user experience for products and services, achieved through user journey mapping, prototyping, sketching sessions, usability testing and numerous other methods. Edwin feels that good design is invisible and positive experience seamless – and he’s always looking for the perfect balance between form and function.

Born and raised in multicultural Kuala Lumpur where many languages are spoken, Edwin has always been fascinated by visual language, which tied in well with his background in advertising. Of Chinese roots, he speaks a variety of languages himself, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

Having worked in the communications and advertising fields, Edwin was looking for more tangible work that would have a longer life and use. This interest prompted a switch in direction toward service design. Prior to joining Veryday and since moving to Stockholm five years ago, he has worked on digital interface design for services and connected products. He worked in Malaysia for several years before that.

We sat down for a conversation with Edwin to ask few questions about his new role and get to know him better.
Would you give us a brief overview of your new role?
My work will especially focus on creating the best solution for our clients, including both user and usability testing before and after a solution is presented. Each engagement will start from the very beginning with coming to understand the client’s real needs, and move on to team playing with colleagues in the research phase, collecting user insights, and taking part in workshops created around customer and/or end user needs. During the final phase of the process, I’ll focus more on the solution itself, validating through different forms of testing and developing high fidelity visual prototypes.
Tell us about how and why you landed at Veryday.
Over the past five years, I’ve shifted my focus to user experience and user interface design because I wanted to create more impactful and tangible solutions that would last for longer periods of time and improve people’s lives. Veryday is the perfect hub if you want to change the world. So here I am!
What motivates you in your work?
Creating social impact that may shape the future in a more sustainable way.
What drives you? What would you say is your passion?
As a human being, I want to contribute to innovation and improve our daily lives. I always look for better solutions and take the risk of trying new ways of living. 
How would you summarize Veryday in three words?
Innovative, inclusive, diverse.

Favorite food? Anything with curry on it.
Favorite island or area in Stockholm? Södermalm.
Favorite activity? T’ai chi ch’uan.
An odd thing about you? Edwin is not my real name, it’s just a nickname. My name is Li Meng Shen.
How do you get to work? I bike.