Global design and innovation consultancy Ergonomidesign announces the opening of its office in New York City. It is located in downtown Manhattan on Broadway, in close proximity to another acclaimed Swedish creative agency, B-Reel. This is the fifth office in its international network and further consolidates the consultancy’s position as the global leader in user-centered design and people-driven business innovation.

Ergonomidesign has generated more than 300 patents and received over 200 international design awards. The agency is renowned for its people-driven approach, based on deep user insights gained over years of multi-disciplinary research into physical, cognitive and emotional ergonomics. The methods and processes have been developed continuously since the company launched in 1969 and they have been fundamental to the success of many well-known businesses and brands ever since.

The New York office will serve existing clients and collaborations such as 3M, GE Healthcare, PepsiCo., Gillette, Microsoft, J&J and Thule. The studio will also focus on establishing new creative partnerships, providing the company’s global design teams with market insights and developing new business opportunities to grow the number of American clients and projects.

It is exciting to be merging our unique Ergonomidesign corporate culture with new amazing US talent and creative entrepreneurship. I really believe we have a chance to create something unique that will bring real world value to our clients.

Jakob Boije, President of Ergonomidesign Inc.

Jakob further elaborated –
“Clients we have spoken to are looking forward to our expansion here, as it allows for better strategic collaborations. The complexity of the marketplace is escalating every day. Brands are looking for new and better ways to engage with people in their everyday lives. The need for people-driven design and innovation services, which unlock the potential of new offerings and connect with people in more meaningful ways, is growing rapidly. We are experiencing similar demand across all product and service industries – life science, food, consumer and professional electronics.”

Being a full-service design agency, working with product and service design for the digital and physical world, Ergonomidesign is now looking for top design talent in areas like design strategy, interaction, service and product design.

New Office: Ergonomidesign opens in Manhattan 2