Collage_liggande We had a chat with Niclas Andersson, Chief Business Officer, about the opening of our new Veryday office in Dubai.

Why a new office in Dubai?

We see a huge opportunity in helping Middle Eastern companies – but foremost governments – to provide better, more efficient and customer friendly government services. In recent years we’ve seen parts of the Middle East rise up in the international competition to attract people from around the world and sustain a competitive country in terms of technology, healthcare, education and environment. We are committed to bringing positive change to the region’s citizens and appreciate the opportunities we’ve had to take part in these changes for the better.

Which markets are growing?

The leading star is Dubai. It’s come a long way in most areas, while neighbouring countries like Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia are very interesting markets that are picking up as well.

Do you have any recommendations for companies that wish to enter the Middle Eastern market?

In certain countries there are huge opportunities, especially if you have experience in the governmental services sector. However, you have to be ready for a different business culture, and be open minded and flexible toward new ways of working. You also need to realize that doing business depends on your skills in developing trusted, long-term relationships. As always, when entering a new market it’s best to be humble and be sure to invest enough time getting to know your clients and their culture.

So what are your favorite things to do in Dubai when you’re not at work? 

I love the dune buggy racing in the desert outside of Dubai. As an avid skier, I also recommend the crazy big indoor ski area, however I do realize that it’s not the first thing most people would think of when visiting Dubai. There are also many good public beaches and amazing shopping areas around Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building). You’ll find lots of high-quality food offerings and restaurants from all around the globe. Dubai has a growing cultural scene with opera houses and theaters being built. Attractions I would like to visit but have not yet experienced are the Formula 1 race and the horse races that the locals are keen on watching. In summary, the entertainment options are endless but you better watch your budget – things are quite expensive.

Our new office will be managed by Isam Salah, originally from Jordan and an avid desert jeep racer. If you happen to be in Dubai you are welcome to contact Niclas Andersson  +46 733 611 254.