Last night at the MD&M East conference and exposition in New York City the gold, silver, and bronze MDEA winners in each category, was announced and Veryday won silver for the design of the asthma analyzer NIOX VERO and the Carevo shower trolley. The MDEA program recognizes achievements in the design and development of medical products.

For 17 years the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) program has honored advances in medical product design and engineering that improve the quality of healthcare delivery and accessibility. The awards celebrate the achievements of medical product manufacturers, their suppliers, and the many people behind the scenes—engineers, scientists, designers, and clinicians—who are responsible for the groundbreaking products that are saving lives and changing the face of medtech.

This is not the first time Veryday is awarded the MDEA program, in 2005 Veryday was awarded for the ground-breaking design of the world’s first handheld device for monitoring inflammation in the airways, NIOX MINO®. Veryday had been instrumental for developing the external design including user interface and ergonomics, which revolutionized the way doctors diagnose, monitor and optimize therapy for asthma patients.

Based on the user experience with NIOX MINO, Veryday was assigned to help Aerocrine and their partner Panasonic Heathcare to design the new, NIOX VERO®. NIOX VERO® is a new fully portable, highly innovative medical device designed to measure airway inflammation at the point of care. Astma is a chronic disease affecting millions of people including many children. Patients are different, requiring different treatments and dosages.

Therefore, airway inflammatory disease management and control can be significantly improved through ‘personalized’ monitoring of the airway inflammation. To fully understand the various user needs Veryday’s design team developed and tested their ideas by using mock-ups and prototypes together with patients and health care professionals. The designers focused on form factors, handling, intuitiveness and better guidance through the test procedure.

To successfully measure airway inflammations the patient needs to inhale and exhale in a specific pace and at the same time maintaining an even airflow. This can be difficult, especially for children. The interaction designers resolved this with playful animations, symbols, and sound effects supporting the nurse and guide them to accomplish their test.

Lennart Andersson, VP Design

The Carevo shower trolley has been designed to provide a safe and time efficient working solution for caregivers and a comfortable and dignified hygiene experience for immobile patients and residents. The innovative design of the “carving shaped” stretcher, in combination with the opening in the side support, makes it possible to work close to your patient, reducing static stress.

We wanted the shower trolley to feel visually open, with many access points to the patient. On the other hand, the patient needed to feel safe and comfortable. The padded wall sections had to provide adequate support while being flexible enough to offer caregivers the proper workflow.

Joakim Ahlström, Senior Designer

It’s truly rewarding to see that the unique design of Carevo and NIOX VERO® increases quality of everyday life for care givers and patients alike. That’s how we turn every day into a Veryday.