Veryday is collaborating with The Experio Lab, a new national center that works with Service Design within the public sector in Sweden. This new Health Service Design Center is a part of the County Council of Värmland, with financial support from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency. The Experio Lab will act as a lighthouse to help other regions in Sweden to leverage best practice when it comes to improve the patient’s experience and develop knowledge. It is a unique initiative, that puts the patient’s experience at the center and is driven by the curiosity and empathy for people.

Veryday’s role is to support The Patient Journey Project, by coaching the team and running open space session and real life patient cases with groups of stakeholders that directly and indirectly will influence the patient journey in separate areas. Three teams of nurses and physicians from Värmlands landsting acted out three patients journeys based on real patient records. The output created by the team was powerful insights and opportunities for improvement, on a personal and organizational level.

Veryday helped making sense of all experiences and findings and how they transform into insights and opportunities for improvements and innovations in the healthcare system.
The Experio Lab is a collaboration betweenthe Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP)and the Service Research Center (CTF)in close collaboration with Veryday, SVID, SDN among others.

These journeys have really opened my eyes. After 40 years of working as a Nurse, I have realized for the first time how little I have understood what patients see, need and feel. I’m ashamed it took me this long, but now I can’t stop thinking about all the things we can improve.