Quality of life is something we all strive to achieve –
for ourselves and for the people around us.

This concept was at the heart of the recent Service Design Global Conference co-hosted in Stockholm by Veryday, together with Nordic partners and the Service Design Network. Over 600 leaders and practitioners from around the world spent two days focusing on the theme of “Creating Value for Quality of Life.”

The conference highlighted how design serves to improve life via small touches that engage real people and connect large-scale systems.

Stefan Moritz, Chair of the Conference, Director of Service Design Veryday

In her keynote speech, Kigge Mai Hvid of Index pushed service design boundaries by suggesting that large-scale global systems are the way forward in eradicating poverty and hunger.

Mark Levy of Airbnb spoke about how improving employees’ quality of life ultimately leads to better community engagement by the service’s users.

Fred Leichter described how design thinking and a customer-centric culture at Fidelity Investments benefits the whole company.

It was important to us to explore how service design fosters sustainable business and makes the world a better place. We’re proud to report that the conference disproved the long-held belief that doing good and making a profit are mutually exclusive things.

The conference’s general tone was one of compassion and inspired big thinking, with many talks and workshops focused on how to search for mutual value and win-win business models rather than tradeoffs.

There was great enthusiasm for the event from the start, with tickets selling out two weeks prior to the conference’s opening day. We are thrilled to have had the chance to bring the world’s largest service design conference to the Nordic space, which provided a unique opportunity to engage, share thought leadership and contribute to evolving the field on a global level. The event left us with many insights, thoughts and new perspectives, and even stronger reasons to believe in the power of service design to create value and improve quality of life globally.


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