Scandinavian Business Seating, Europe’s leading office chair producer, has just revealed its new RH task chair, RH Mereo, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

RH Mereo was created in collaboration with Veryday. The design process lasted several years and was driven by the designer´s strong believe that a correct sitting position not only lead to better results, but also promote employee health.
With its intuitive ergonomics, personalisation options, and organic spine shape, RH Mereo showcases the continued relevance of RH’s design philosophy and focus on human performance.

RH Mereo at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013
The RH brand is known for its high focus on human performance and design, and we wanted to stay true to that vision while giving the chair a more contemporary purpose. With the current trend of shared office spaces, flexible work hours and personalisation, we wanted to create a chair that can be quickly configured to meet individual preferences. RH Mereo takes the RH design ideology and makes it even more applicable to today’s corporate culture.

Joakim Ahlström, Industrial Designer at Veryday

Contact Joakim Ahlström for more information on the RH Mereo project or +46 733 611 283