The theme of this year’s Service Design Global Conference, Creating value for the quality of life, stems from the power of service design to create value for both people and businesses. With our tools, methods and thought processes, service designers develop solutions that increase the quality of life for customers, employees, businesses, and society in general. The seventh annual conference is taking place on October 7th and 8th in Stockholm, Sweden’s beautiful capital. The event itself will be truly Nordic, with experienced service design experts from the region collaborating to create the best possible event and round out its stellar programs. A fantastic line-up of speakers, along with content from a wide range of sectors and international brands, will provide insight and outstanding examples of service design work from around the globe.

We want to create a fantastic experience and together with design pioneers, business leaders and practitioners spend two days where the quality of life isn’t just something we talk about but live and explore together.

Stefan Moritz, Conference Chair and Co-founder of SDN Sweden

We are pleased to announce that Mark Levy, Global Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb, has been confirmed as a keynote speaker. Mark will share essential lessons on how employee experience enables great customer experience for both hosts and guests, and he’ll inspire us to see how new services can create value and improve lives in a world where everyone increasingly belongs anywhere. Other confirmed SDGC14 speakers include Wim Rampen, Manager of Intelligence and Brands at Delta Lloyd and OHRA; Lavrans Løvlie, Service Design pioneer and founding partner of Livework; Fred Leichter, Senior Vice President at Fidelity; Mia Kleregård, Head of Service and Change at Systembolaget; and Nathan Shedroff, Associate Professor and Program Chair of numerous MBA programs at California College of the Arts. Additional speakers will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Approximately 500 service design thought leaders will gather to explore the quality of life and how to use it to create value for businesses and society. The conference will be participatory, practical and highly interactive. Eight workshops, five exhibitions, and three basic service design courses have already been finalized, with more to be confirmed. Participants will learn about new project tools, gain fresh insights that will empower them to create change and value, and reconnect or make new friends within the vibrant service design community.


Join us October 7th and 8th in Stockholm at SDGC14. Receive updates and secure your spot at the Service Design Global Conference follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our SDGC14 Insider. Together, we will change life as we know it by exploring quality and creating value and quality for all through design.