Veryday is proud to announce that a pioneer of Service Design, Stefan Moritz, is joining the company as Director of Service Design. Veryday is one of the world’s top ranking design and innovation consultancies. Since 1969 the agency has helped a roster of international brands to innovate their businesses, products, and services. By welcoming Stefan to the team, Veryday reinforces their commitment to developing people-driven innovation through industry-leading expertise.

A young field emerging over the past three decades, Service Design has gained significant traction across the globe in academia, media and in boardrooms as an approach for solving multi-layered problems that span environments, technologies, and services. Stefan Moritz is the first person in the world to receive a Masters title focused on Service Design. Originally from East Germany, he has studied multi-disciplinary design at KISD, a forward thinking school in Cologne that introduced the concept of Service Design as a field. He has since fostered the growth of Service Design across Europe through his professional and academic work in Italy, Finland, and the UK.

Before joining Veryday, Stefan worked at Aegis Media in London, the world’s fastest growing marketing services group, where he drove internal change by connecting Human Resources, strategy, research, innovation, and management. Focusing on internal service design processes, he has consulted global blue-chip brands and advanced the field of Service Design through his teaching in schools and boardrooms. Stefan will be based in Stockholm, but he will manage Service Design projects for Veryday’s global portfolio of clients.

Veryday is a fantastic group. The deep commitment to people-centered innovation that they started with 40 years ago could not be more relevant today. Veryday's people-driven approach has proven effective in a wide range of sectors from healthcare to manufacturing. Using unique research methods and strategies, the company has developed products, tools, and services that have grown businesses and enhanced lives around the world.

Stefan Moritz

Stefan Moritz in short: Featured as a notable alumnus in Business Week, Stefan has worked with numerous blue-chip brands including Adidas, Disney, Nokia, and Philips. He has experience in the fields of marketing, design, and technology.

His unique understanding of service innovation, customer experience, and change management also leads to regular appointments as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and executive coach. He lectures at various universities across Europe.

I am most passionate about helping our clients embrace opportunities to improve or innovate their offering. Building on Veryday's history of people insight, we can radically transform the experience of customers and employees in a way that generates sustainable value.

Stefan Moritz

Contact Stefan Moritz for more information on how Service Design can benefit organizations in the public and private sectors: or +46 730 610 414