Stefan Moritz, our VP Global Customer Experience, spoke at SDN Global Conference on Oct 11, in Dublin. Stefan’s talk Four Principles for Humanizing the Future of Work investigated why companies that create a culture where employees thrive are three times more productive than those that do not.

To get a feel for the power of employee experience, imagine two organizations: the first company wants to move their teams to an activity-based, open plan office. They invest in interior design, internal information, and transition management. But somehow, they’re still stuck in a loop of complaints, lost productivity and low employee engagement.

The second company maps out what their teams care about, how they do their best work, and, most importantly, why they work the way they do — digging deeper to understand what truly drives employees. They co-create concepts across functions and run “learning experiments” to figure out the best possible new environment.

Too many employees all over the world are not satisfied at work. Fixing this will also dramatically increase productivity and growth.

Stefan Moritz, VP Global Customer Experience

According to recent research, staff turnover may cost companies from 50% to as much as 400% of an employee’s annual salary (depending on skill level) in lost productivity and re-recruitment alone. As it turns out, the second company focused on employee experience – a key tool that helps them deliver better engagement, performance and growth capabilities.

In the past, operational principles whipped industrial organizations into shape to drive productivity. Currently, business leaders are focusing on digitization to create competitive advantage. We believe that humanization – a focus on people and reimagining how we want to work in the future – is the next frontier. Watch the video here