We look forward to discussions about the future challenges for the Life Science industry during our exhibition at the ‘The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science’ conference in Lund on April 10th. With more than 40 years of experience working for leading Life Science and IT companies we definitely agree that it is exiting times we live in. We see a significant shift within the industry, technology is developing as the needs and demands of care takers and providers are changing rapidly. The constantly connected society is definitely putting up major challenges for the Life Science industry.

If you are planning to attend the conference we would be glad to get a chance to meet up with you. Contact Marcus Heneen or Daniel Höglund or visit us in the exhibition area.

The event’s keynotes and seminars will discuss future R&D, strategies, technologies, needs and visions in healthcare, industry and academia within Swedish and Danish Life Science. More information about the conference:  www.swedishdanishlifescience.se