Since 1969, the company has evolved to become much more than just about ergonomics and design, therefore a new name has long been on the wish list. Today Veryday’s designers develop total physical and digital consumer experiences, work with business innovation to help clients develop meaningful value positions and create an innovation process that increases productivity and fosters innovation.

Over the years, Veryday has helped clients all over the world to penetrate markets, increase sales and build brands through the successful design and innovation of products and services. The key to success is based on deep knowledge about the end users, gained over years of multi-disciplinary research into physical, cognitive and emotional aspects.

Veryday’s reputation as user-centered, process-oriented and methodical has earned its clients like Samsung, 3M, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, IKEA, Spotify and Huawei as well as numerous design classics over the years, such as the baby carrier for BabyBjörn, the world’s first computer with separate keyboard and not least the famous Koenigsegg sports car. Design classics like the SAS coffee pot has been represented in several international design museums such as the MoMA in New York and the Design Museum in London.

This year we are celebrating 43 years of stimulating assignments, an advanced age for a design company. We think we are doing better than ever; we are larger, more global and award winning. The key to our success lies in our willingness to continuously develop both as people and as a company. Now it’s time to take the next step – a new name that embraces our whole business.

Krister Torssell, CEO of Veryday

In recent years, Veryday has been working more and more with design and innovation projects for American and Asian companies. The new office in New York helps facilitate these new collaborations and the new name will reflect the evolving business in a better way and not least make it a little easier to communicate. Concluding his thoughts on this change Krister said “We look forward to presenting ourselves with a name you can spell. Life gets a little easier for all colleagues who do not speak Swedish and for our international customers. Our new name reflects our ambition to make life better for as many people as possible.”

Top-ranking global design consultancy is changing name 2

Veryday is one of the top-ranking design consultancies in the world. The company has an impressive track record for design that has helped build remarkably successful businesses since 1969 and a strong commitment to people-driven innovation as a means to enhance quality of life and make every day a Veryday. Based on deep people insights 70 design specialists are creating innovative solutions through products and services in the physical and digital world. The company has offices in Stockholm and New York, and is represented in London and Tokyo.