Veryday’s New York office has partnered up with one of today’s largest and most prestigious health-related networks: New York City Health Business Leaders. The network was founded five years ago as a community that would spur innovation and discuss the latest issues within the healthcare sector. Today, its membership is comprised of the brightest minds from all relevant industries and sectors – health Information, hospitals, digital media, biotechnology, start-ups and finance. Behind every conversation is the drive to improve the lives of patients across the United States while concurrently creating new, innovative business opportunities. By becoming a member, Veryday joins pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, the analytics agency Crossix, patient safety consultancy MRM Group, and a wide variety of thought leaders, doctors and entrepreneurs.


Joining this community provides Veryday with a great opportunity to share our knowledge in Connected Health, to find partners for future endeavors, and to discuss the latest news and ideas – all to push for the growth of patient-centered care. Recent NYCHBL events include a look at what 3D printing can do for healthcare, how to redesign patient experiences to improve safety, and whether or not new payment models will drive innovation. Stay tuned for NYCHBL events co-hosted by Veryday!