With the rise of digital media and the proliferation of content creation, magazines and print publications worldwide have suffered. But with Veryday’s help, the Swedish magazine Råd & Rön has gone their own way and proven how a combination of great editorial content, digital services and business development can successfully guide a publication into the future. As a result, in November 2015 Råd & Rön was named “Best Digital Trade Publication” by the Swedish Magazine Publishers’ Association.

Owned by the Swedish Consumers’ Association, Råd & Rön provides consumers with pre-purchase advice by conducting rigorous laboratory tests on everything from dishwashers to cat food, comparing the performance of different brands and publishing the results. When it was time to update their digital presence, they recruited Veryday to help with the strategy and concept behind the new website and service, as well as user interface design, conversion optimization, visual design and business consulting. Previously, Råd & Rön’s business model had been to sell by subscription but the digital version needed a stand-alone revenue formula in order to be profitable.

With Råd & Rön’s newly updated digital service, for a small fee consumers may search for and purchase the results of any test in the company’s extensive library or receive subscription-based universal access. Each detailed test result includes interactive charts and guides that help consumers make an informed decision prior to any major purchase. With a focus on comparative product tests and articles that complement them, the service is personal and interactive. This digital transformation has improved the brand’s customer experience and is already a great financial success.

Big congratulations to Råd & Rön, the “best digital trade publication” of 2015!