We are honored to represent the very best of Swedish living design at Business of Design Week (BODW), Asia’s largest annual design, innovation and brands event held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre this December. Each year, one country is chosen as conference partner and invited to bring their brightest creative minds to share design expertise with the rest of the world. A decade has passed since Swedish design was showcased at BODW – and a lot has changed since then. This year’s theme, “Sweden Living Design,” is based on the common values that underpin Swedish society: openness, innovation, creativity, functionality and sustainability. The theme embodies the longstanding Scandinavian ideal that good quality design should be available to all.

The exhibition highlights design that enhances everyday lives, creates more sustainable cities, builds smarter digital interfaces and solutions, and improves health care and elder care. As this year’s partner country, Sweden has the unique opportunity to showcase our champions of innovation to 100,000 conference attendees over the course of seven days. In this capacity, Veryday will join many iconic Swedish brands, including IKEA, Electrolux, H&M and Volvo.

The specially created Veryday BODW exhibit will celebrate design that helps people in their daily lives. We passionately believe that design based on genuine user insight empowers, enriches and energizes both the brands and the people we serve. This belief has been the basis of every project we’ve undertaken since our company was founded in 1969, and is what we plan to showcase as our interpretation of Living Design. At Veryday, everything we do is the result of research into what people really need, feel and desire; moving into a digitally connected world, our approach is more relevant than ever. At BODW we’ll highlight how we strive to place people at the heart of each project we undertake.

Throughout design week (December 1-6), Svensk Form will also present Design S, an exhibition that will feature award-winning design pieces from Sweden, inspirational keynote speakers and their take on “Sweden Living Design,” and various discussion sessions and seminars.

About the Business of Design Week

The Hong Kong Design Centre started hosting Business of Design Week in 2002. This annual international event aims to promote design and strengthen ties between the business and design communities. Each year, BODW attracts elite members of these two communities from around the globe to Hong Kong. The world’s attention is drawn to current design issues through international forums, exhibits and outreach activities. Events are tailored to designers, business leaders, educators, SMEs and the public, providing them with communications opportunities to build strong business and commercial development. BODW is a world-class platform for the exchange of ideas and a renowned design event.

If you want to stay on top of the latest ideas in design, technology and brand management, be sure to register for BODW 2014.