As 2015 draws to a close, we note the successful year our relatively young U.S. division has had. Since the opening of our New York office in 2012, the focus has been on establishing new creative partnerships, providing the company’s global design teams with market insight and developing new business opportunities that grow the number of clients and projects in the U.S.

Today we’re experiencing greater demand than ever. The need for people-driven design and innovation services that unlock the potential of new offerings and connect with people in more meaningful ways is growing rapidly. Although this demand is felt across all product and service industries, including life sciences, food, consumer and professional electronics, our U.S division focuses mainly on Digital Health and is positioned at the forefront of holistic, empathetic and collaborative business design.

USA President Jakob Boije and his team have created meaningful product and service experience breakthroughs, and they’re challenging healthcare systems to engage all stakeholders in helping each individual patient navigate the often-chaotic journey through illness.

In recent years we’ve seen a huge opportunity to provide better, more efficient and customer friendly services in the healthcare arena. Together with our clients we help unlock the unmet needs of patients, caregivers, HCPs, payers and other stakeholders, and we reimagine new opportunities based on those needs.

Jakob Boije, President, Veryday USA

The methods and processes we’ve developed continuously since the company’s launch in 1969 have been fundamental to our success in the U.S. By using a deep design practice that brings human-centered product and service design competencies to new contexts, we challenge given assumptions and maintain a focus on outcomes and performance.

It’s exciting to steer our unique Veryday corporate culture alongside the amazing new talent and creative entrepreneurship of our U.S. team. We’re committed to bringing positive change to this region, and we appreciate the opportunities we’ve had so far to transform healthcare for the better.

Jakob Boije, President, Veryday USA

To apply for the open positions in NYC, please head over to Please contact Jakob Boije at +1 917 971 5996 for any new business opportunities.