Zachary Greaney joined Veryday this past March as human resources manager based in the New York office. We set out to discover more about our new team member, who happens to have an extraordinary passion for food – especially “craisins.” Zach also shares some expert advice on how to unwind and regain focus.

Would you give us a brief overview of your role?

Sure! The primary function is to strategically support the human resources (HR) needs of the U.S. business, i.e., recruiting, benefits, employee relations, growth and development, best practices, etc. I also provide behind-the-scenes support to team members and help manage pesky tasks thrown at our growing business in “the city” (New York) so the team can focus on their jobs.

Tell us a bit about the challenges you face in your work.

Aside from gambling on whether the subway will be on time, the team’s challenges are, quite literally, my challenges.

Understanding what makes people tick. The more I understand about people operations the better I can be at supporting them.

Can you give us an example?

During crunch times when work is hard, fast and continuous, everyone deals with stress differently. So my challenge becomes 1) understanding how you (personally) deal with stress, 2) understanding how it affects your ability to stay focused, and 3) how can I help you manage it.

We all relate to being stressed at work occasionally. What’s your best tip for unwinding?

Sit down and take off one shoe. Now put both feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and recall the last place you were calm and comfortable enough to take off your shoes. Concentrate on being there for one whole minute – no peeking, just breathing. Open your eyes and put your shoe back on (or don’t), and see if you’ve calmed down a bit. Taking off only one shoe helps you manage two different stimuli simultaneously – just like when you’re stressed but need to stay focused.

What motivates you in your work?

Understanding what makes people tick. The more I understand about people operations the better I can be at supporting them. 

What are you most passionate about?

Food. I love food. I have an amazing time eating and cooking, and, as it turns out, I’m a much better eater than I am an international pop star. (By the way, I never gave up on my pop star dream…just waiting for the right moment!)

Tell us about how and why you landed at Veryday.

Once upon a time there was a bright, talented, helpful, amusing, creative, interesting and stately HR professional who was very interested in joining an innovative, respected, growing, original, inspiring, collaborative and adventurous company. The good people of Veryday granted the HR professional an interview. Even though he was very nervous, and a bit unsure, he tried with everything he had to convey the brand of HR he brought with him, and his desire to be part of such a special place. The great people of Veryday reviewed many candidates but in the end, the HR professional got to meet the entire team for lunch. And the rest is history! 

Fun facts 

Favorite quote: “I do not like that”

Favorite hangout in New York: You’ll have to come and find out!

Favorite activity: Eating. I love craisins (dried cranberries, similar to raisins).

Currently inspired by: Summertime! I love summer and am very inspired to do and try a lot of things.