Technology doesn’t have to be impossible to implement or not-yet-discovered to be considered science fiction – sometimes, it’s just not fully accessible. Until recently, that was the case with Qi wireless charging technology. Although it had been in existence and hyped for some time, it had yet to be naturally integrated into attainable, desirable consumer products.

Thanks to IKEA’s track record for creating practical, affordable and beautiful home products and Veryday’s expertise in User Experience design, people all around the world can now buy Qi-enabled furniture to resolve their charging issues. Keeping devices charged has been a stress factor for most, but the new collection allows the task to become as seamlessly integrated into our lives as smartphones are.

The jury of the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards was impressed with IKEA Wireless Charging products, and has named the collection as a finalist in the “SciFi No Longer” category. Winners will be announced at the SXSW Interactive conference on March 15 in Austin, Texas. Hope to see you there!