Our approach

People driven innovation

Our design philosophy is crisp, concise and compelling. We believe that the better we understand human behavior patterns, the better solutions we create. With our holistic design thinking, we aim to empower, enrich and energize both people and brands.

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Understanding your customer

The future is out there, in the hands of the users. It takes a little magic – and a lot of research – to improve people’s quality of life. More than 45 years of Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Research has made us wiser, but not in the least less curious…

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Read more about People Insight
Our approach 6

Developing your offering

The future is what you make of it. Literally. We help our clients become market leaders through innovation and design for the physical and digital world. It’s all about people, as always.

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Transforming your business

The future belongs to the brands that create it. We challenge organizations to rethink what they offer and how they deliver it. And we’re passionate about helping our clients create meaningful relationships with their customers and differentiation of their brands.

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How we do it

The butter to our bread

Each method we use strives to uphold three design principles, and is grounded in our company values and philosophy.

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Drive change by creating positive impact for everyone connected to a project — team, client and user. Support shared ownership over process and outcomes — make everyone look good. Always aim to bring useful, sustainable and desirable products and services into the world.

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Take time to explore a situation from as many angles as possible. See products and services as systems — zoom out and find the connections. Lean and fast-moving projects require speed, so being thorough is even more crucial to high-quality delivery.

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Bring ideas into reality — don’t leave them on paper, build them! Construct an approach that’s appropriate for each specific challenge in a project. Mix and match approaches — no single way of working is a silver bullet.

From farm to table - Our design process


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Investigate contexts

We focus on aspects of a user’s experience, like emotions, values, tensions and well-being. We develop and implement an appropriate research program and explore the context of each project, along with current interactions.

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Identify opportunities

We apply our global knowledge of markets and industries – and analyze political, economic, social, technological and demographic trends. We identify jobs to be done, status of the market and relevant emerging technologies.

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Prototype concepts

We develop and test our ideas by creating variations, exploring details and crafting a compelling story. We attempt to put our ideas into the context of larger systems and processes, and test them through multiple diverse perspectives.

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Evaluate directions

We focus on the feasibility, relevance and impact of our concepts. We narrow the pool of ideas and refine those selected by taking into account life cycles, environmental impact, and cost and benefits for users and our clients.

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Launch initiatives

We aim to guide the implementation of delivery by providing our clients with concrete tools and training, and identifying the roles critical to success. We ensure updatability, scalability and adaptability, and provide the details required for production and distribution.

Client testimonials

We wanted to investigate faster ways of implementing solutions in public transportation that users actually get to experience. Veryday has been helpful in implementing ways of working with optimizing flow and efficiency in public transportation, which has been the main goal of this project.

Joakim Agartson, Business & Market Manager at Skånetrafiken

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