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The medical community is moving forward to empower individuals by leveraging mobile devices and the connectivity that’s all around us. Healthcare as we know it is transforming – and technology is driving these changes as never before.

In recent years we’ve seen unprecedented advances in all areas of healthcare. We are moving into a practice of more proactive health, supporting the entire patient journey from wellness to treatment toward long-term autonomous self-care. A shift from drug-centric to patient-centric, a shift toward a new care paradigm – one that is preventive, predictive and preemptive, delivering early and targeted interventions to match people’s unique health needs.


Today’s ubiquitous connectivity and our ever-present mobile devices are empowering individuals, healthcare professionals, healthcare businesses and lifestyle brands to drive change even more – and transform healthcare as we know it. We help our clients thrive on the leading edge of healthcare transformation so they can increase access, lower costs and improve outcomes for each individual they serve.

We create new opportunities based on user needs and enable our clients to deliver more democratized, personalized and collaborative care that’s available anytime, anywhere. The evolution of design in healthcare is a journey that has just begun. It’s a bright future where people take center stage.

Veryday is the first and only consultancy that actually involved us in the development rather than just observing us and dumping a solution on us… This has been one of the best working weeks of my life. Thank you.

Patient Rights and Relations Manager, King Saud Medical City, Riyadh

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Application areas

  • Adherence
  • Services for treatment delivery
  • Chronic disease management
  • Clinical trials
  • Intensive care
  • Primary care
  • Care coordination / Workflow efficiency
  • Medical devices
  • Post-acute care
  • Remote care and monitoring
  • Wellness and prevention