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Products today are active bricks in communication flows between and around users, and knowledge about context is often the difference between winning and losing. Finding your product’s optimal context is our strength.

We’ve worked with product design since the late 60`s and our focus has always been to fulfill user needs and make everyday life better. We strive for products that connect both in a physical and emotional way. We’ve always emphasized each product’s ability to communicate, and we know this is more important now than ever.

We apply People-Driven insights to increase market adoption and deliver on customers’ goals and aspirations, always targeting better experience and long-term engagement. With our team of multidisciplinary experts and our holistic design approach, we proactively integrate insightful strategy, crafted industrial design, thoughtful engineering, desirable color-material-finish and meaningful user experiences.

Being at the forefront of product/business transformation requires more than simply adding a cool skin or new technology to an existing artefact. Successful products are leveraged by bottom-up design thinking and a lean mindset. They require reimagining the business you are in, empathizing with your target customers and their challenges, and creatively determining how to most effectively solve their problems.

We wanted to investigate faster ways of implementing solutions in public transportation that users actually get to experience. Veryday has been helpful in implementing ways of working with optimizing flow and efficiency in public transportation, which has been the main goal of this project.

Joakim Agartson, Business and Market Manager, Skånetrafiken

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Application areas

  • World-class product design
  • Product innovation through real customer insight processes
  • Product portfolio expansion within shifting or new market areas
  • Useful design guidelines that integrate both digital and physical product aspects
  • Connecting products to digital ecosystems
  • Turning products into services, and enhancing services through products
  • Energizing product development teams through efficient and inspiring processes