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Customer expectations are changing dramatically. Now, it’s not only essential to understand what customers need but how to optimally deliver those needs. We help our clients architect great omni-channel experiences that increase customer loyalty and reduce costs along the way.

Delivering on future customer expectations differentiates offerings and drives category leadership. Re-imagine your business through customer added value and you’ll see increased revenue from existing customers, new business models grow and your strategic competitive edge enhanced.

We use service design to help our clients find the new revenue sources, added value and unique solutions that set them apart from the competition and create outstanding success. Through experience prototyping, emotion mapping and unique research methods, we help clients uncover deep underlying needs that their customers may be unaware of or may not able to articulate.

Based on these insights, we help clients uncover short- and long-term business opportunities, and validate with customers how valuable and important their needs are.



Our proven workshops and proprietary methods are designed to optimize precious time. Global companies around the world successfully employ these models to create valuable customer experiences and enhance business performance. With your overall brand in mind, we implement and integrate design principles across web, mobile, connected devices, retail, partnerships and all areas beyond. Together we drive business transformation and navigate the rapidly changing world with a clear focus on real people. We deliver value by helping you expand, optimize and reimagine your offering.

Veryday really made an impression with their highly professional and solid research process. As clients we always felt we were in good hands and it feels incredible knowing that we built a future based on true customer material.

Johanna Sahlman, Customer Experience Design Manager Telia Sonera

Examples of

Application areas


  • New or better services for todays customers
  • New customers through improving today’s service


  • Reduce churn and increase life-time value
  • Reduce risk, cost and time to market
  • Reduce cost with improved customer experience
  • Agile development of team applications to build capabilities on-site for further implementation


  • Innovation of new business models and offerings they serve
  • Co-creation and co-design of ideal current and future experiences
  • Designing a roadmap for the digitization process